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What’s Your Uniform?

I have always liked fashion and been interested in it…. but it took me years to develop my own style and know what suited me.  And then I hit my 40’s… and found myself constantly debating whether I could ‘get away’ with wearing certain things.  I didn’t want to attract sniggers at the school gates, or find myself shopping in the same stores as my daughter.  On the other hand, although technically ‘middle aged’ I don’t want to look it? 40 seems to be a fine line to tread. 

Do I believe in ‘age appropriate’, probably not.  The notion of there being a cut off point simply because you are a certain age is ridiculous.  Some women in their 40’s and 50’s can carry off a mini skirt with ease and by this age have a better idea of individual style and what actually suits them, as opposed to following the latest trends.  Truthfully though, there are some items of clothing I simply can’t get away with these days… anything exposing my midriff… pre-children perhaps but post, definitely not… shorts, bulging varicose veins and corned beef legs anyone? 

Minimalism has helped me refine my wardrobe.  3 years ago, I purged about 75% of my clothing.  I found it surprisingly easy.  The few items I was unsure about I wore for a day, if I didn’t feel good in them, they ended up in the donate pile.  Such was the extent of my purge I was able to get rid of my wardrobe, and a chest of drawers. 

I now share my husband’s inbuilt wardrobe and find I have more than enough space.  Do I have less choice, well yes, but studies suggest that women wear 10% of their clothing 90% of the time.  What I do have I generally like/love and feel good in.  I also find myself being more creative with what I do have, because there is less to choose from. 

I have bought very little since downsizing my wardrobe.  I opt for good quality classic items I love, and I know will complement my existing clothes.  I find I can afford more ‘quality’ pieces because I am not constantly filling my wardrobe with ‘bargains’.

My ‘day job’, as a health professional requires that I wear a uniform.  When I am not working I also find it helps me to have some sort of ‘uniform’.  Items of clothing I feel good in, that complement my shape and work well together.  My go to is a classic white shirt, skinny jeans and ballet pumps.  I am also partial to a Breton stripe!

Having streamlined my wardrobe, I am determined to keep it that way.  Pre-minimalism, my knee jerk reaction to any upcoming social event was to buy something new, quite often I would end up buying something I wasn’t quite sure about. Now I have learned to make the most of what I already have.  We’ve all had it, that moment in the fitting room when we are not sure 100% sold on something.  Unless you love, love, love it, walk away and save your money.  If it doesn’t make you feel great, it isn’t worth having and probably won’t see the light of day…

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