43 to be precise… and counting…

I was pretty unfazed by previous landmark birthdays, however turning 40 brought about a bit of a mid life crisis, albeit a minor one.  Not the kind where you have an affair or buy a shiny red sports car but in an altogether quieter way.  For me, and I am sure a lot of women, it made me stop and take stock of my life. 

Apart from the physical changes, a subtle sprinkling of grey hairs and a memory like a goldfish, I began to question every aspect of my life.  Life was busy, my job could be stressful and juggling it all left me feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Most days I managed to put one foot in front of the other, relieved to get through each day and each week, sanity relatively intact.  40 made me stop, take a deep breath and really look around…  I stumbled upon a blog called Slow Your Home by Brooke McAlary, and realised there were ‘other’ people who thought and felt as I did, overwhelmed and seeking a simpler but more fulfilling way of life. 

And so the idea for the blog came about, although I don’t write exclusively about minimalism… I write about everything and anything which occurs to me while navigating my way through life.  It won’t always be pretty… I have a high degree of admiration (and a healthy degree of scepticism) for blogs which portray a picture perfect version of family life. 

40 something mum from Scotland. Loves chocolate oranges, Florence and the Machine, holidays in France...

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